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Bottone EJ 1999

Bottone EJ. 1999. Yersinia enterocolitica: overview and epidemiologic correlates. Microbes and Infection 1:323–333. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Boutros SN 1989

Boutros SN. 1989. Sampling and analysis for Cryptosporidium in PA public surface water supply sources. Report to Pennsylvania Division of Water Supply, Harrisburg, Pa.

Bouzid et al. 2008

Bouzid M, D Steverding, and KM Tyler. 2008. Detection and surveillance of waterborne protozoan parasites. Curr Opin Biotechnol 19:302-306. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Bowie et al. 1997

Bowie, W.R., King, A.S., Werker, D.H., Isaac-Renton, J.L., Bell, A., Eng, S.B., and Marion, S.A. (1997). Outbreak of toxoplasmosis associated with municipal drinking water. The BC Toxoplasma Investigation Team. Lancet 350, 173-177. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Braganra et al. 2007

Braganra SM et al. 2007. Use of fluorescent in situ hybridisation for the visualisation of Helicobacter pylori in real drinking water biofilms. Water Sci Technol 55:387-393. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brandi et al. 1999

Brandi G, M Sisti, F Giardini, G F Schiavano, A Albano. 1999. Survival ability of cytotoxic strains of motile Aeromonas spp. in different types of water. Lett Appl Microbiol 29:211-215. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brandt et al. 1981

Brandt CD et al. 1981. Comparison of direct electron-microscopy, immune electron-microscopy, and rotavirus enzyme-linked immunosorbent-assay for detection of gastroenteritis viruses in children. J Clin Microbiol 13(5): 976-981. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brassard et al. 2005

Brassard J, K Seyer, A Houde, C Simard, and YL Trottier. 2005. Concentration and detection of Hepatitis A virus and Rotavirus in spring water samples by reverse transcription-PCR. J Virol Meth 123(2): 163-169. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brayton et al. 1987

Brayton PR, ML Tamplin, A Huq, and RR Colwell. 1987. Enumeration of Vibrio cholerae O1 in Bangladesh waters by fluorescent-antibody direct viable count. Appl Environ Microbiol 53: 2862-2865. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brennan and Nikaido 1995

Brennan, P.J. and Nikaido, H. 1995. The envelope of mycobacteria. Annu Rev Biochem 64, 29-63. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brennhovd et al. 1992

Brennhovd O, Kapperud G, and G Langeland. 1992. Survey of thermotolerant Campylobacter spp. and Yersinia spp. in three surface water sources in Norway. Int J Food Microbiol 15:327-338.-- View this resource on PubMed.

Brescia et al. 2009

Brescia CC, SM Griffin, MW Ware, EA Varughese, AI Egorov, EN Villegas. 2009. CryptoPMA-PCR: A molecular-based technique for genotyping viable Cryptosporidium oocysts using propidium monoazide to prevent the amplification of DNA from non-viable oocysts. Appl Environ Microbiol 75:6856-63. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brieland et al. 1997

Brieland JK et al. 1997. The role of Legionella pneumophila-infected Hartmannella vermiformis as an infectious particle in a murine model of Legionnaire's disease. Infect Immun 65:5330-5333. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brooks et al. 1984

Brooks, R.W., Parker, B.C., Gruft, H. and Falkinham, J.O. III. 1984. Epidemiology of infection by nontuberculous mycobacteria. V. Numbers in eastern United States soils and correlation with soil characteristics. Am Rev Respir Dis 130, 630-633. -- View this resource on PubMed.

Brooks et al. 2004

Brooks T et al. 2004. Detection and identfication of Legionella species from groundwater. J Toxicol Environ Health 67:1845-1859. -- View this resource on PubMed.

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